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iPhone, iPad and iPod with iOS 11 Restarting Repeatedly after Dec 2 Update- How to Fix

Many iPhone, iPad and iPod users with iOS 11 version installed are facing a new and weird problem from December 2 2017, that their devices keeps restarting unexpectedly and frequently. After launching iOS 11 version of the operating system Apple product users are facing lot of problems like this.

Most of the users have tried restarting their phone manually, resetting their phone settings and all but for no use. Apple has suggested one solution on its website we are going to share with you.

Follow steps below to resolve this solution:-

1. Open Settings -> Notifications.

2. Now Click on an App and Turn Off Allow Notification.

3. Like wise turn off notifications from all Apps.

4. Now update your device to iOS 11.2. To update follow: Settings -> Software Update.

5. After updating your device go to Settings -> Notifications and Turn on all notifications for all apps.

If your problem is still not resolved you can visit near by Apple store or contact Apple customer care.


  1. I am in recovery mode right now fixing iPhone 5 all because of your post. Thank you so much man! This is the best post on how to fix the restarting repeatedly problem.


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