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FIX for iPhone Custom Ringtone Not Working or Changing in iOS 11 and Keeps Changing to Default in iPhone 6 /6s/ SE/ 7/ 8 Plus

After upgrading iPhone 6, 6S Plus, iPhone SE iPhone 7, 7 plus to iOS 11, iPhone's are not able to play custom ringtones and ringtone keeps changing to default when a calls comes in next time. Even after trying a lot people are forced to roll back from iOS 11 to previous version. Here we are discussing some solutions to fix this problem and set your custom ringtone according to your choice.

Please try below solutions one by one till your problem is no solved and we hope for positive results.

Solution 1: Use any custom ringtone which is downloaded outside Apple Music. Most of the iPhones have problem with synchronizing ringtones downloaded from Apple Music on upgrade to iOS 11.

Solution 2: Synchronize your iPhone ringtones with iTunes. Then open Setting -> Sound and Heptics-> Ringtones and click Download all purchased ringtones. Now set your custom ringtone and check if its not working.
If it dosn't work for the first time restart your phone and repeat above steps one or two time again. You can change your default option of opening pre-loaded ringtone to different pre-loaded generic ring tone.

Solution 3: You can contact Apple customer support on the customer contact number of your country. They must suggest you something good and provide fix for this problem.

Solution 4: If you have tried all fixes and still not able to set a custom ring tone you can roll back iOS 11 upgrade to your previous version and wait till Apple come out with bug fixation on various issues on iOS 11.

If you find this article helpful or you are able to assign your custom ringtone on iOS 11 upgrade on your iPhone successfully feel free to leave us a comment and help others who are looking for a solution. 


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