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How to Recover Visual Voicemail Message Lost after iPhone Update to iOS 11

These days visual voicemail facility has been too important for most of the mobile phone users. If you are not able to attend a call, caller can leave you a voice message and you can listen to it later anytime. After listening visual voicemail users like to keep it stored to listen again some time in future. 

After recent update in the Apple iPhone operating system to iOS 11 many users of iPhone 6/ 6S Plus, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have lost their visual voice mails from their iPhone. They are unsure whether their voicemails got erased while updating their iPhone software or users are not able to access them due to some technical glitch.

Some users are able to access just one or two previous voicemails and other voicemails are erased. Visual voice mails are stored for just one or two weeks on your network providers server. They are stored on your iPhone for long term and if you have backed up your data properly before installing iOS 11 you will be able to access your all visual voicemails again.

We have posted below some tricks you can try to recover your voicemail back.

Solution 1:  First basic step is to turnoff your iPhone and turn it back in some time. Now check if your VMs are back.

Solution 2: Hard reset your iPhone and restore data from back up on iCloud. Restart your iPhone and check for your visual voicemails.

Solution 3: Call your own iPhone and leave a voicemail. Read it on your iphone and hopefully your massages will be back. If not try restarting your iPhone and see it your old voicemails are recoverd.

Solution 4: If you are using ATT service try resetting your password from Visit ATT.COM, search for 'reset voicemail password'. Follow instructions and after resetting your password your old visual voicemails will be restored back in your iPhone.

Solution 5: Call Apple customer care or customer care of your service provider. Hopefully they can give you some solution to get your old visual voicemails back.

Please do share your experience and how you tackled this problem by commenting below.


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