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How to Restart, Reboot, Force Restart, Turn Off/ On and Shut Down iPhone X Apple

Apple CEO Tim Cook has launched new iPhone X across the globe on 3rd Nov 2017 on the 10th anniversary of launch of first iPhone in 2007 (Date of launch of first iPhone in 2007 was different). iPhone X has many new features like there is no home button on the front side of iPhone and it's first phone from Apple to have full screen display.

People were able to restart previous versions of iPhone with long press of side or top button on mobile. But in iPhone X many features have changed including how to restart and turn on/off and reboot your iPhone X.

1. Turn off or Restart your iPhone from setting:- In new iPhones with newer version of iOS 11 and above, users can restart or turn off their iPhone from settings. To Turn off or Restart follow:- Setting -> General. Now press shut down or restart and your iPhone will restart or shutdown instantly.

2. Shut Down or Reboot your iPhone X from buttons:- To shut down or reboot your iPhone from buttons follow: Press and hold Side Button + Volume Button (either up or down) both at one time till slider appear on the screen. Now move slider to turn your iPhone X completely off. 

To Turn On iPhone X long press side button till Apple logo appears on your screen. Now release the side button and iPhone X will be Turned On in few seconds.

3. Force Restart Your iPhone X:- If iPhone X is hanged and not responding and you want to force restart follow: Press and release the volume up button, now quickly press and release the volume down button and press side button until Recovery Mode screen appears on iPhone X. Now release side button and your iPhone X will restart slowly.

If still you are not able to turn off/ on or restart your iphone x and stuck with any other issue you can comment below. We will try our best to give best solution to resolve your problem.


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