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How to Speed Up your iPhone 6/ 6s Plus After iOS 11 Update Slowed it Down

Apple has recently released update to its iPhone operating system and most of the users have updated their phone to iOS 11. There are many new and advanced features in iOS 11 but some users of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S Plus have complaint of getting their iPhone very slow after upgrading their phone to iOS 11.

Many users are complaining about getting their phone super slow, some apps have become unresponsive, some apps are hanging and Siri is taking lot of time to response, safari freezes after clicking any link , battery draining too quickly, touch screen responding with lag and very lately and more. These unexpected problems make a user frustrated who have paid more then $600 to buy an iPhone and within two years of usage, it is not able to work properly and that after an update to its software recommended by Apple company.

Below we have posted some fixes to resolve this problem

Solution 1: Best solution to make your iPhone 6/ 6S work better is to reset it. To reset follow: Setting -> General -> Reset -> Reset All. Now restart your iPhone and see if it is working better. If you are afraid of loosing data on your iPhone, we assure that this will not delete any of the data on your iPhone 6/ 6S. This will only reset settings of most of your apps to default. You will keep logged in to your email IDs and iCloud account.

Solution 2: Check free space available in your phone. If your iPhone 6 is running out of space, it may slow down your phone, apps might start hanging and crashing. Try deleting unwanted apps and files to free more space and speed up your iPhone.

Solution 3: Apple might also be worried and will try to give best service to its old and valuable customers. So expecting fix for this problem in coming updates. Keep your iPhone 6/ 6S updated. To update follow: General -> Software Update.

Solution 4: Try contacting Apple Customer Care or visit nearby Apple Store. Explain them problems you are facing using your iPhone 6/ 6S and ask for possible solution. You can also roll back your upgrade of iOS 11 to iOS 10 for smooth functionality till Apple come out with any solution.

If your problem is resolved please comment below to help other users with same problem.


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