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iOS 11.1.1 update by Apple for iPhone with Fix for Autocorrect 'i' Bug and More

Apple has recently released update 11.1.1 for iOS 11 on 9th November 2017. There is not much changed in the previous version of the same operating system. In the previously released iOS 11.1 most people were facing problem in auto correct feature like while typing 'i', it got auto corrected to A [?].

This problem was there since the release of iOS 11.1 update in early November and many users were too frustrated about this and they had complained about the issue in Apple discussion forum.

Apple was previously about to fix this issue in the 11.2 update but due to heavy negative response from the users facing problem with this autocorrect Apple has come up with a minor update and fixed this issue in iOS 11.1.1 update.

To update your iPhone follow: Settings -> General -> Software Update. iOS 11.1.1 update can be downloaded and installed on iPhone 5S and above models. 

Along with autocorrect fix Apple has also fixed the problem faced by many users where Hey Siri was not working properly and often got hanged or stops working.


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