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Notes App Keep Crashing in iPhone After Upgrade to iOS 11 and Notes App is Not Working

Apple has launched update in operating system of iPhone to iOS 11 in Sept 2017 and users of iPhone have faced many problems due to either old or non compatible iPhone or due to bugs in the new operating system. Many users of iPhone 6 and 6S plus have complaint about crashing of Notes App. Later users of iPhone 7/ 7Plus and iPhone 8/ 8Plus have also complaint about same issue. 

Some users are not able to open Notes App after update to iOS 11. Some users have reported that after opening and when trying to add new note, app crashes and they are not able to maintain there notes. Most people have tried basic things like restarting your phone but notes app keep crashing every time and make users frustrating. 

Here we have posted some solutions to fix this problem and make your Notes working again.

Solution 1: For most users there is problem in exporting synchronized data from old version of operating system to new iOS in iCloud. So to fix this problem follow:- Settings -> iCloud and turn off "Notes". It will ask if you are sure to continue and massage "Delete from my iPhone". Go ahead with deleting  notes from your iPhone. Now restart your device and try to access your Notes App again. 

If Notes App is working fine you can turn on Notes under Settings -> iCloud and all your previous notes will be restored and the problem of crashing your notes app will be resolved.

Solution 2: While upgrading you iPhone to newer version of iOS must check if you have sufficient memory to support your new operating system. If you are running out of memory you may find problem accessing many apps and some apps will keep crashing and hanging your iPhone. So try releasing some space in your iPhone, restart it and try to open Notes App.

Solution 3: For some users they might have opened so many application in the background that consume your lot of RAM memory and it might to difficult for your iPhone to open any newer app and can cause your notes app to crash. Try deleting background apps by opening from your home button and swiping upwards and release some RAM space.

Solution 4: If your Notes app is still not working your can try Soft Boot or Hard Boot on your device. You can roll back to your previous version of iOS and lodge complaint with Apple Customer Care center and wait till Apple come out with any proper solution for this problem.

If you have resolved your problem of crashing notes app or stuck some where else do share with us and every one by commenting below.


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