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Unable to Type I or K or Some Other Letters Through Keyboard on iPhone Screen- Here is How to Fix

Many users of iPhone mostly iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S Plus are unable to write certain letters through keyboard on their iPhone. For some users it is happening after updating their iPhone to iOS 11 and certain portion of keyboard has stopped working. iPhone 5 users are also complaining about the same issue with their keyboard.

There are various reasons for this issue and can be fixed by trying different solutions. Below we have posted some solutions for you to try one by one and we hope one of them may strike for you and resolve this problem. Hopefully you must have tried the basic things like restarting your phone.

Solution 1: In first step we will take this as hardware issue. If you are using a screen protector to guard your iPhone screen and if your screen protector is not from Apple there are good chances that it is not compatible with the new update and blocking keyboard to work properly.
Try removing your screen guard and see if keyboard and all its keys are working fine now.

Solution 2: If this is software issue try updating your iPhone 6 to latest software update available. To update must backup your all data to iCloud. Now go to Settings-> General ->Software Update. Tap on Download and Install and follow instructions. This might fix your problem.

Solution 3: You can try resetting your keyboard and dictionary settings. Go to Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Text Replacement. Now go to Settings -> General-> Reset-> Reset Keyboard Dictionary. Now restart your iPhone.

Solution 4: Try Soft Reset or Hard Reset of your phone. Restore all your data from backup from iCloud. If there is any temporary bug in the software it will be removed and all keys of keyboard might work properly.

If your problem is not resolved you can visit nearby Apple iPhone Care Center or contact Apple customer care. If your problem is solved you can consider sharing it with everyone by commenting below.


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