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Yahoo eMail Not Working in iPhone Mail App after Update to iOS 11: Fix

Many users are facing problem while using Yahoo email in iPhone after update to iOS 11. Apple has released upgrade in its iPhone operating system to iOS 11 in Sept 2017 and since has released many minor updates. But Yahoo mail is still not working properly for many users of iPhone. 

Many people are unable to login, some find problem with updating inbox in Yahoo Mail, other folders are working fine. For some users they are not able to save passwords and mail app keeps asking for passwords everyday or every other day they try to check mail. This problem is occurring mostly with the iPhone 6/ 6s Plus / 7/ 7 Plus users.

There might be many reasons for this but one of the reason might be non compatibility of yahoo mail with updated iOS 11 interface. So Yahoo must be trying to resolve this issue and upgrade there mailing system to work better with Apple iPhones.

Here we have posted some solutions to get you working with Yahoo email on your iPhone.

Solution 1: If you are unable to open Yahoo emails properly on iPhone Mail App, try installing Yahoo Mail App from apple iTunes or click here. Yahoo Mail App is working fine in almost all iPhones and those who do not want to use Yahoo Mail App can wait till either Apple or Yahoo found a fix for this problem.

Solution 2: Yahoo want to you to use third party passwords if you are signing in from any other app then Yahoo Mail App. You can generate this password from here

Solution 3: Try signing out of your mail box. Restart you iPhone and re-login to your Yahoo email account.

Solution 4: You can update your phone to latest available update from General-> Software Update. If problem still persists you can roll back your mobile phone to the previous version of iOS and wait till Apple come out with next update to fix this problem.

Solution 5: If still you are not able to use yahoo email properly on your iPhone your can contact Apple Customer Care or Yahoo Customer Care to let them know of this problem and get proper solution.

Do consider commenting below if you have resolved this issue or you are stuck with any other problem.


  1. Must be a updated IOS to get working Yahoo Mail account. Having any issue simple have a look and fix your issues.

  2. I shocked and thought someone used my Yahoo mail. But, I found Yahoo is showing wrong date and Showing my own IP Addressyahoo mail sign in


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