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Apple Pay Cash in iPhone- How to Send, Receive and Request Money by Text Massage

Apple has just launched an update to its iOS to iOS 11.2. In iOS 11.2 Apple has launched much talked Apple Pay Cash App. Its not active yet but will be up soon hopefully by next week. Apple Pay Cash will make sending and receiving money as simple as sending a text message. Below we will share details how to send and receive money through Apple Pay Cash.
To use Apple Pay Cash on your iPhone first of all you need to update your iPhone to atleast iOS 11.2. To update follow: Settings-> Software Update. Upgrade your iOS with iOS 11.2 or later version.

How to Send Money by just message:

1. Open a new message in your iPhone or tap on an existing coversation.

2. Tap a triangular icon before writing box and enter amount you want to send. If there is enough balance on your Apple Pay Cash card it will be selected by default else you need to select your debit or credit card to pay.

3. Click Send on the screen and write any massage you want to append. Now press upward arrow and you have successfully sent the money.

4. You can use Siri to send money by saying like "Hey Siri Send John $50".

How to Request Money via Message:

1. Open a massage and tap triangular button just before message text writing box.

2. Now enter amount of money and click on Request.

3. You can append a message and send message to the contact you want to request money.

4. Your contact will click on the massage and pay you money from his Apple Pay Cash wallet or through credit card.

How to receive Money via Message:

If you have signed in to the Apple Pay Cash you will receive money by default in your Apple Pay Cash Wallet when some one sends you. You do not need to do anything extra. If you are not signed in, money will get cancelled automatically after 7 days.

Apple will keep his Apple Pay Cash service updating and making it more easier, safe and user friendly. If you are experiencing any trouble feel free to post your queries in comment section below.


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