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How to Remove Music App from Lock Screen after iOS 11 Update on iPhone

Apple has launched iOS 11 update on iPhone in Sept 2017 and there were lot of changes and modifications from previous iOS version iOS 10. Most changes were to make iPhone OS more user friendly but users are also facing lot of problems. One of the problem from the list is for many users music player is showing up on lock screen and notifications are showing below it. Many users are not liking to keep music player on lock screen and are unsure of how to remove it.

Here we are sharing some tricks to remove music player from the lock screen of the iPhone

Trick 1: One of the reason for music player showing up on your lock screen is you have paused it and its still open somewhere on your iPhone and  its not fully closed. To remove music player or close it completely double tap home button on your iPhone screen. Now swipe up any music app opened or any other app that might be using music player. Now lock your iPhone  screen and check if music player is removed.

Trick 2: There might be problem with your notification settings of the music app. To close notification of music app from settings follow: Settings -> Notifications -> Music and turn off all  music notifications. Now restart your iPhone and see if music player is showing up on lock screen of your iPhone.

Trick 3: You can try reset your all settings. To reset all settings follow: General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings.

If you were facing same problem and your problem is resolved kindly comment below about how you resolved your problem to help everyone.

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