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Increase Ringer Volume in iPhone X - Why Ringer Volume is Very Low

Many iPhone X users are facing problem that ringer volume is very low and subsequently gets lower for the incoming calls. Users have tried increasing volume from side volume button but it increases only for the music.

If your ringer volume is louder while your iPhone X in away from you on table, in purse but as soon as you handle you iPhone, volume gets very low. It also happens if you have kept your iPhone X in front of you, it will ring very slowly and might cause you to miss any important call.

Let us  tell you that this is one application of the iPhone X face detection feature. Your iPhone X will lower its ringer volume automatically as soon as it detects your face.

If you are not happy with this feature of the iPhone X and you want your iPhone X ringer volume same for all time your can adjust settings of iPhone X accordingly. To turn this feature off follow: Settings -> Face ID & Passcode -> Attention Aware Features. Now toggle to "off,"  or follow: Accessibility -> Face ID & Attention -> Attention  aware features -> Slide off the button.

There might be problem with your ringer volume. If your want to increase ringer volume follow: Settings -> Sound and Haptics -> Ringer and Alerts. Turn on "Change with Buttons" and increase volume.

Hopefully you will be able to resolve your problem with above tricks. If still your iPhone X volume is low or your are not able to adjust ringer volume according to your wish feel free to comment below. We will be glad to help you.

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