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iPhone6/ 6S/ 7/ 7 Plus/ 8/ 8Plus Users not Able to Edit or Share Photos after Update to iOS 11- Fix for This Problem

iPhone users who have updated their iPhones to newer version of operating system iOS 11 are facing problem in sharing their pictures captured through camera and also some users are not able to edit a picture on iPhone camera and Photos app. This is frustrating as sending and editing pictures was too easy in iOS 10 and for many users it is too important at job to send current pics.

Although there is no permanent solution to this problem and we are expecting to get a permanent solution in upcoming iOS update from Apple. Still there are some hacks we can try to let our iPhone edit and share photos.

Solution 1: Keep your iPhone updated. As lot of iPhone users are complaining that they are not able to share and edit pics in iPhone Photos app, Apple will surely get this bug fixed in coming updates. To update your iPhone to latest version of iOS follow: Setting -> General -> Software update. Follow steps on your screen and update your iPhone.

Solution 2: If you have updated your iPhone to current iOS update available and still facing this problem, try installing Afterlight or VSCO on your iPhone, third party photo editing apps. Make a copy of the pic you want to edit or share. Now open the pic from iPhone Photos App and edit or share button will be enabled.

Solution 3: If its not working you can take screenshot of the pic instead of editing. It will reduce the quality of the pic and its not permanent solution but can do in case of urgency and you don't have any other solution.

Solution 4: Try to turn on "iCloud Photo Library" option in preferences in iPhone Photos app. If its already turned on, turn it off once and turn it back on. restart your iPhone and hopefully you will be able to share and edit photos from your iPhone.

If any of above solution worked for you consider sharing with everyone by commenting below. 

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