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Problem Connecting iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus Bluetooth to My Car - How to Fix

Many users are facing problem connecting their iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus to their Car via Bluetooth. In some cases Bluetooth device is not showing on the iPhone when we try to search and connect. In some cases Bluetooth connection keeps disconnecting frequently making users annoyed. 

How to connect your iPhone to your car via Bluetooth?

To connect your Car to your iPhone via Bluetooth must ensure to turn on Bluetooth on your car and also on your iPhone. Now after your have turned Bluetooth on, go to Setting ->General-> Bluetooth -> More Devices on your iPhone. In more devices you will see a Bluetooth device of your car. Now pair it with your iPhone Bluetooth. You can now connect or disconnect to the Bluetooth of your car and play music, radio, make calls from your car Bluetooth by connecting to your iPhone.

Now if you are not able to connect to your car Bluetooth, or it getting disconnected after some time follow solutions below:

Solution 1: Restart or reboot your iPhone. Also turn your Car Bluetooth On and Off. Now try again connecting your iPhone Bluetooth to your car.

Solution 2: If your device got disconnected and was paired first. Try to forget your Car Bluetooth device and pair it again. To Forget the Bluetooth go to Bluetooth settings, tap the 'i' button next to your Bluetooth device and click forget this device. Now pair your device again and hopefully you will be able to connect to your Car Bluetooth this time.

Solution 3: Sometimes there could be bugs in your iPhone software. Keep your iPhone updated to latest version of iOS. Initially users who updated their iPhone to iOS 11 also faced lot of problems but after updating their devices to iOS 11.2 this problem was solved. To update your iPhone 8 follow: Settings -> General -> Software Update. Follow steps and update your iPhone.

Solution 4: If still you are not able to connect your iPhone to your car via blue tooth you can try " Resetting your Network Settings". This will remove all devices saved on your Bluetooth and WiFi. To reset your network settings follow:- Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings. Now restart your iPhone and try connecting again.

If problem still persists you can visit nearby Apple store or contact Apple Customer Care of your country. May be they can suggest you some better solution and get your problem resolved.

If your problem is resolved do share with everyone by commenting below. 


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