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What is Soft Reset and Hard Reset in iPhone Apple Difference

iPhone users have come across terms soft reset your iPhone or Hard reset your iPhone when you face any problem in your iPhone. Before doing any reset you must be aware of what these reset actually do with your iPhone and how it affect apps and settings of your iPhone.

Here we are going to explain both terms one by one to let you make sure how your iPhone is going to be affected after these resets.

Soft Reset : Soft reset is equivalent to restarting your iPhone like you restart your Laptop. If your phone is getting slower or you are facing any problem working with any app, first you must proceed with Soft Reset. As restarting your iPhone may resolve the problem you were facing.

In soft reset there is no loss of data, also settings of your iPhone also remain unaffected. It will fix any minor or trivial problem your iPhone is facing. So you need not to worry before soft resetting your iPhone.

Hard Reset: As the name suggest you are going hard with your iPhone. In hard reset you will remove all data from your iPhone. All settings will be restored back to factory settings. Your iPhone will be restored back like you have purchased a new iPhone.

Hard reset is recommended only if you are selling your iPhone or you have come up with any serious issue in your iPhone and you have tried all other options with no success.

Before proceeding to Hard Reset your iPhone you must back up all your data to iCloud so you can restore back all your valuable data and settings after Hard Reset.


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