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"Calendar Invitation Your response to the Invitation Cannot be sent Ok" iPhone Pop Up Error Message

Many iPhone users are facing an annoying pop up message saying " Calendar Invitation- Your response to the Invitation Cannot be sent- Ok". Although this problem was there for long but for most of the users this problem is occurring after upgrading there iPhone to iOS 11.

This pop up message is annoying almost all iPhone users, iPhone 6/ 6s, iPhone 7/ 7 Plus, iPhone 8/ 8 Plus and iPhone X users. It keeps coming back again and again after five- six minutes even after pressing Ok button. It is also causing iPhone to hang or freeze for some users.

Below we are sharing some tricks to help you resolve this problem and get your iPhone work properly.

Solution 1: First thing you must try is to restart your iPhone. If there is any minor glitch with the calendar app of your iPhone it might get resolved by just restarting your iPhone.

Solution 2: If this pop up message is still showing on your iPhone, you can try switching off the calendar of your iPhone. To switch off calendar go to Settings -> Calendar -> Accounts and select the account you are thinking creating problem and turn calendar off.

You can try Settings -> Accounts and Passwords. Now select any account might be causing the problem and turn off the calendar for that account.

Now restart your iPhone and turn calendar back on. It will take some time to reconfigure your calendar app and work fine. You can try same steps for all accounts till your problem is resolved.

Note* - While turning off calendar, your iPhone may warn you that it will delete calendar from your iPhone but it wont and your calendar will be back after restarting and turning calendar on. Still you can back up all your data to iCloud. In case of any data loss, you can restore your old data back in your iPhone from iCloud.

Solution 3: Update your iPhone to the latest version of iOS available. Apple might come up with permanent solution for this problem in its incoming update so keep your self always updated.

Solution 4: If this irritating message is still coming back on your iPhone, you can visit nearby Apple store to discuss problem with them or call Apple Customer Care to find any better solution.


  1. This worked sonfar so good. Turned off iCloud calander and exchange Calander. Then turned off ipad and iphone completely, turned back on the device. And so far 12 hours later, messages have not come back.

  2. Worked - Halelujah

  3. Worked for me!


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